A Modern Man's Guide to Attending a Wedding

mans guide to attending a wedding - modern man outfitters

Your a modern man, perhaps even in your twenties or thirties like us here at Modern Man Outfitters, so as our diaries indicate another busy summer of weddings its likely your diaries do to. So we thought what better a time to write a really helpful and informative guide for you.

Now firstly this wedding post isn’t necessarily designed for the groom, as there are far superior blogs out there. No, instead we’re writing this blog for you, the attendee of a wedding or weddings this summer. We’re doing this because we really believe a wedding shouldn’t just be seen as ‘a big day’ for the bride and groom, but by every modern man in attendance. Whether you show up with the love of your life, a new fling, with the hopes of meeting someone there, or even to enjoy a good party with your boys, a wedding is something to look forward to. So we’re here to make sure you’re doing weddings right.

So in this blog we’ll cover a few topics; a dress code guide, to rent or buy your tux/suit, why weddings aren't just great for the bride and groom but great for you, and finally our top 5 must-have wedding weekend accessories for weddings away from home this summer.

Wedding Dress-codes

In todays age, there really is a great deal of dress codes from which a bride and groom can choose from. In this section we’ll outline the likely dress codes you could run into, and whether you should invest or rent the suit to match when on a budget.  

Strict & Semi Strict Dress Codes

Black Tie - Modern Man Outfitters

With these more traditional attires, as a man you’re expected to spend some time making sure you meet the dress code. Nothing can lose you favour with a bridge quicker than dressing inappropriately for her big day - so don’t be that guy.

Now this category can range from expensive tuxedos to very smart suits, so pay careful attention to what the invitation is asking, and when in doubt, ask the groom what is expected.

1.) White Tie

Often seen as the most formal and strictest dress code, its also somethings called ‘full evening dress’. It is usually chosen for very formal evening weddings usually beginning in the early evening after 6pm.

What to wear: a tuxedo with tails (not a normal tuxedo). A formal white shirt, a white vest along with a white bow tie and white pocket square. Pair it all with highly polished black dress shoes, and complete the look with white or grey gloves. 

2.) Black Tie 

You guessed it, black tie means black tie gentlemen. This dress code is the second most formal, and also the more frequently chosen option for formal weddings. Like white tie, its likely a black tie dress code will be for a formal evening wedding. 

What to wear: The traditional black tie variation is typically a plain black bow tie and depending on the season either a full traditional black tuxedo, or in the summer if preferred a white dinner jacket and black tuxedo trousers. Again go with a crisp white pocket square, this time with a black cummerbund or vest, a black leather watch, a formal white shirt, and finally highly polished black leather dress shoes.

3.) Formal, Black Tie Optional, Cocktail

Get any of these on the invitation and you should know that you have a bit more wiggle room if you don't want to go with the smart tuxedo option. But remember, if your there to impress - always go with the tux and get your best Bond lines ready. Regarding the times of the day these can vary but again tend to be late afternoon evening.

What to wear: the black tux as outlined in ‘Black tie’. Or if you want to make an investment into another work suit, go with a formal dark suit, a smart white shirt, with a conservative non patterned tie or bow tie. For leatherwear, go with black for your belt watch and dress shoes - brown and tan are slightly more informal. 


Casual Dress Codes

blue suit casual - modern man outfitters

These weddings tend to be a lot less serious, and more about the celebration. As such the locations can vary as can the times of day, so pay close attention to the invitation.

1.) Semiformal, dressy casual, jacket & tie,

For these you definitely have more freedom as to how smart you dress. Naturally if it's a casual wedding choosing a tuxedo may make you stand out in a bad way, so unless you’re bold and know you can shoulder it, instead of dressing up, dress more vibrantly as we shall now explain.

What to wear: On the smarter end of the spectrum; go with smart lighter coloured suits such as lighter greys and summer pastel colours such as blue. Pair these with bolder more vibrant tie/ bow tie combinations and a crisp white dress shirt and you can't go wrong. Choose your leather accessories carefully, make sure they work with the suit colour as well as all coordinate; go black, tan or brown, don’t mix and match.

On the more casual end of the spectrum, go with smart white, beige, navy blue, or even green chino’s, paired with a white button down shirt and a jacket. The jackets colour should vary depending on the time of year and location. think lighter colours for spring and summer weddings that are nearer to the ocean or forest. Go with darker colours for autumn and winter weddings that are nearer to the city. Don’t be afraid of vibrant bow tie’s gentlemen, the typical association of bow ties and formality in recent years has fallen away, and its now seen to be much more fashionable at such events over a traditional tie. Checkout our range of vibrant bow ties here. We do urge you to be bold and throw some colour at your outfit, but when in doubt, dress smarter with a suit and a more conservative tie. 

wedding vintage car - modern man outfitters

To buy or rent your tux or suit?

Tuxedo’s: When it comes to tuxedos our advice for you as a young modern man depending on your budget is to ideally invest in one for the long run. Make sure it fits your body shape really well, and is made of quality materials. However if your budget cannot stretch for a good quality, well fitting tuxedo, don’t cheap out on a poorly fitting budget tux, Instead rent one. There is no shame in renting gentlemen, its vital to wear something that fits you really well and really gives you the wow factor, especially if you want maximum suave to chat up that gorgeous girl or guy over at the bar. 

Smart Suits: When it comes to this dress code where dark colours such as black, grey or navy blue is expected, these are the times you should really deliberate over investing instead of renting. Even if you’re on a budget and the cost wouldn't easily be absorbed, at least think it over.  A proper suit isn't just a wedding expense, you can also pass it off as a work expense to. Every modern man needs to out dress his colleagues in todays corporate world, and buying a proper well fitting suit goes a long way to doing this. We recommend investing in a three piece suit, even if you don't plan on wearing the waistcoat for the wedding, its always good to have a three piece option for work events.


Don't know what accessories go with what suit colour? shop our accessories by suit colours now: Click Here

 wedding dinner - modern man outfitters

Why weddings are great - not only for the Bridge & Groom 

All weddings are celebrations of love and the special bond between two people, however going to a wedding can be great for you to. Weddings are often extravagant events with fantastic food, great drinks and most importantly great people to share it all with, so its important to embrace and enjoy them. Heres out top three reasons why you should be excited about a wedding this summer:

1.) Recounting memories and making new ones 

Weddings are wonderful events that bring people back together all in one place. Its always great to have a good old fashioned drink with the people that matter to you, regardless of how long its been. It should be no surprise to you then, that after a few of your favourite drinks it’s only a matter of time before the stories from your shared past bubble to the surface. Recounting such anecdotes is a great way to bring stale relationships back to life. When it comes to family members you havn't seen for an age, recounting old memories like this works really rather well, especially when you don't know what else to say. Another aspect about weddings, is just the simple act of being at one will create new and laughable memories, perfect to take away and look back at at the next one. You may even find yourself making plans to meet up again in the near future. 

A little side note - we’ve all got those ‘man I can’t believe I did that’ moments, just be sure to embarrass them and find it in yourself to indeed laugh at yourself.

recounting memories with friends - modern man outfitters

 2.) Talking to that gorgeous girl or guy

Perhaps you have lines come out of your ears, or maybe you have no idea at all, lets face it, often the hardest part about starting up a conversation with someone you find attractive is indeed those first few words. Being at a wedding gives you a guaranteed opening line that truly is sincere and not at all corny. Go with something along the lines of “so how do you know the bridge and groom?” and you’ll be off to a flying start in no time. If you are indeed going to a wedding alone, or with friends, go there to enjoy yourself and have fun. If you happen to meet someone along the way don't be shy, be a modern man and absolutely say hello, who knows what’ll happen.

Romance - modern man outfitters

 3.) Reset & Re-evaluate yourself

You’ll soon find after university or college that you quite quickly settle into a routine of career and weekends, and after a while it can become predictable and possibly mundane. As with all major life events such as birthdays, graduations, and sadly deaths, you will likely spend some time thinking about where you are in life, and where you want to go with it. Weddings are another great occasion to do this. We actually think because of their extravagance and the opportunity for a good laugh, that they're the best possible occasion for these 'life re-evaluation moments'. Perhaps you want to change up your career, ask that girl for her hand in marriage, or even just to commit to trying new things, weddings force you to think, so again embrace that, and make something good happen for yourself because of it. 

Reset & re-evaluate - Modern Man Outfitters 

 What to pack for a wedding weekend away this summer

Because its a very personal thing, instead of trying to curate outfit accessories we thought instead to take a different approach this week. Instead we are bringing you our top 5 products to take and travel with for a wedding away. We thought we'd do this also because Modern Man Outfitters isn't just your standard men's accessories store selling only ties bow ties and not a lot else. Instead we carry a far reaching collection of men's accessories, and we also know that these five products will be products you are going to want to buy.

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1.) The Weekender Duffle Bag

We all love wedding weekends, especially when everyone assembles somewhere away from home for the celebration. So don't spoil that weekend with a tattered old bag that doesn't set the right tone right from the beginning. Instead grab yourself one of our luxury weekender duffles today and do that weekend right. Click the photo to shop the product.

weekender travel bag - Modern Man Outfitters

2.) Suit Bag

So you’ve spent good money on a new suit or have had old faithful dry cleaned, when travelling by car, train or even plane, don't let all that good work go to waste. Grab yourself a dedicated suit bag to prevent wrinkles and folds in that big day suit or tux. With MMO's luxury suit bags, there's also pockets for further accessories and overall the design is far superior to the cheap 'suit cover' that comes with the suit. Click the photo to shop the product.

Suit travel bag - Modern Man Outfitters

3.) Cigar & Liquor

If you're not a smoker then this product certainly isn't for you, and thats ok. But if your partial to a quality cigar like we are, this marvellous invention couldn't be more perfect. With space for two cigars and a good old splash of your favourite spirit or liquor. Needless to say, you will certainly be the man men envy when you pull this out late in the wedding party. Click the photo to shop the product.

Cigar & Liquor travel case - Modern Man Outfitters

4.) Shave like a winner

Theres nothing quite like shaving the old school way, it really does brings something to the whole experience. So bring some of that feeling to the big wedding day with a proper old fashioned shave. With MMO's luxury shaving range, you have everything you need to shave better and with far more style. We carry numerous shaving products including razor, brushes and much more.  Click the photo to shop the collection now.

Vintage razor mens shaving - Modern Man Outfitters

5.) Single Coffee Filter

For when the previous nights party went on especially late, and with enough alcohol to float a small flotilla, coffee will likely to be the first thing on your mind the next morning. So avoid the dreaded instant disappointment of hotel room instant coffee with a proper one. with its small and portable size, this product is easily packable and will really will help you arrive with some dignity to the wedding party breakfast. Click the photo to shop the product.

Coffee travel percolator - Modern Man Outfitters



So there we have it, a post addressing the wonders of weddings for the Modern man. What do you think to our blog post, please feel free to share with your fellow dapper chaps, and we’d also love to hear from you in the comments bellow!

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