The 10 Men's Accessories You Need To Buy In 2019

This week we’ll be outlining the top ten mens accessories you as a modern man should have, or invest in during 2019. Now ten items may sound like a lot to buy, but Modern Man Outfitters ethos is quality men’s accessories, at affordable prices.

Each month for the rest of 2019, we’ll be doing a further special blog post, focusing on one of the ten item types. In each of the ten posts, we will be talking about that product in more detail, suggesting outfits, colors and generally, why its important to have it in your arsenal of menswear. So sign up to our mailing list if you want to get these!

Have you read our previous blogs? So far we have outlined; 3 reasons to invest in your wardrobe, and also 3 wardrobe Investment strategies on a budget.

A Luxury Chronograph Watch

When it comes to men’s jewelry and feature pieces, its often best to take a less-is-more approach. That’s why its pivotal in todays age, to make sure what you wear counts.
Show you take your style seriously
A true classic styled watch really sets the tone, not just to the people you meet, but to yourself also. When you spend your day looking at a luxurious watch, trust us, you’ll subconsciously become more confident in your style, and it’ll show through your mannerisms.
Gant Wilmington Men's Watch at Modern Man Outfitters

A Killer Work Bag

Few people love Monday’s, (thankfully we do!) so make your Mondays that bit easier with the swagger you get, from knowing your work bag has true style. Make that statement from the moment you walk in each day - that you mean business. 
Because Style is Part of Life 
Shop men's briefcases and messenger bags at Modern Man Outfitters

A Weekender Duffle Bag

Your a modern man, so weekend trips with friends or with that special someone are the norm. Thank goodness for - right? But your banged up duffle bag, the one that somehow STILL smells of beer and regrets from last summers ‘lads on tour’ trip, isn't going to cut it - sorry chaps.
To weekend in style
A true luxurious Weekender Duffle will match any away occasion. So whether you’re suited and booted for a posh city break, or dressed down for an escape to the countryside do so in style - get yourself one now. 

A Keychain  - Because your keys go everywhere with you

Maybe you've got the car of your dreams, or maybe you’ve still got ol’ faithful from high school or college. Regardless, your keys are carried with you everyday. So take pride in your keys, unwind that cheap plastic ‘I serviced my car at - insert name of corny tyre shop - tag, and replace it with a keychain that is special. What did we say before - it’s all about the little details. 
luxury key chain - Modern Man Outfitters

A Proper Casual Belt 

If you suffer from the critical condition of builders crack, we desperately urge you to consider investing in a proper belt. Ask any respectable women, you should wear your trousers on your hips - no, not under his armpits like your granddad - on the hips will do.
To socialize and relax in style
When you wear your trousers correctly, it adds to how tall you look, it also outlines your behind - win win no?
 men's leather belts - Modern Man Outfitters

A Pocket Square 

 Ah yes, the age old favourite - the pocket square. Such an item has been a gentleman’s wardrobe staple for hundreds of years. As it should remain. We love pocket squares, because of the individuality they bring to your outfit, from their colours, patterns and fold type.
Reflect some personality
Being a modern man, you really should consider having at least two pocket squares to pair with different coloured suits, and for different occasions.
 pocket square - Modern Man Outfitters

 A Wallet To Be Proud of 

Regardless of today's modern world of contactless, pay pal, and mobile banking apps, a true modern man still believes that 'Cash is King'. If you’re like us though, and have a nasty habit of collecting a wallet full of recipes, a credit card wallet like this is the perfect solution.
Because cash is king
With space for your cards, and a small compartment for cash, it has everything you need, all in a small manageable space.  
mens leather wallet - Modern Man Outfitters

A Passport Holder 

Treat that vital passport to a case worthy of its importance when you travel this year. As a modern man, you know its all about the details. All too many men simply opt for the easy option of just carrying their passport.
Because again, style is part of life.
So set yourself apart, and start your holidays right with a dedicated luxury case like this. You’ll also benefit from the additional storage space for tickets and credit cards, which ultimate makes travelling easier - how could you not buy one?  
Leather Passport Wallet - Modern Man Outfitters

A Bow Tie 

When it comes to men's accessories, owning a truly special bow tie matters. You may rarely wear it, but on the occasions where you could, you can really show your style.
Because at weddings, you’ll just own it
So that wedding or office party you have this summer, don't hesitate - you may just land that gorgeous girl you can’t seem to get off your mind. 
Luxury Bow Tie - Modern Man Outfitters

A Pair of Colored Shoe Laces

As a fellow modern man, you don’t follow the crowd so you need to be different, because people look to you for style guidance.
Because You’ve Got To Swim Against the Current
So give your favourite pair of brogues a new lease of life, with some coloured waxed shoelaces. They’re perfect for bringing out some individuality, and character in your outfit.
Coloured Shoe Laces - Modern Man Outfitters


So there we have it, a post addressing the top 10 accessories for men you should invest in this year. Later in March we will do our first exclusive post on one of these 10 items, so sign up to our mailing list if you haven't already.
What do you think to our list, is there anything you would add / or anything you wouldn't have? Please feel free share the list with your fellow dapper chaps, and we’d also love to hear from you in the comments below.

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