The 4 Watch Types To Buy in 2019 - A Modern Man's Guide

The topic for discussion today is the four watch types you should own as a modern man, and what outfit works best with each. Now if you didn't already realise, watches are presently undergoing a huge renaissance period with new designers and brands popping up seemingly every week. This focus on watches and their ever growing affordability to you as a modern man, means it’s becoming the new norm to own a collection of watches instead of just one - so don’t be left behind.

We’ve all seen those rich list #motivation accounts on Instagram with countless watches draped over Bentley steering wheels, but let’s face it, not everyone is at that level… yet (but keep hustling, chaps!). However, we’re betting you have some change from your paycheque that isn't needed towards your brunch budget. So here is why you should invest that money into some quality timepieces.


Do you have just one pair of shoes that you wear for work, the gym, and on dates?  We didn’t think so, nor should you when it comes to watches.


Everyday Casual & Occasional Smart

The first, and perhaps the most familiar to you from the trends of 2017 and 2018, is a watch of minimalist design. If you were to buy one men’s watch in 2019, make sure it is this one. Why, you ask? because the simplicity of the design is likened to a grey suit, it can be more than one thing depending on how you style it. The design is clean and depending on your case colour and strap type, it can be truly casual (brown leather with a silver case) or nearly as smart as a dedicated formal watch (black leather and gold case). The minimalist watch is famous for having a large face, usually 40mm or more in diameter, whilst its case has a slim body between 3-5mm. Both of these features give it a sleek minimal presence on your wrist that exudes good taste.

Business & Formal 

The second watch type, and certainly another must for every modern man is a truly smart and formal watch for both work and formal occasions. We’re suggesting a Chronograph for this occasion because the intricacies of its design reward you with a more put together, mature look. The Chronograph has stood the test of time and it’s amongst the few favourite designs of the corporate and rich elite the world over. The design incorporates the must-have date indicator for quick glance checking, along with the chronograph mechanism to keep lengthy meetings in check - you can thank us later.

If you’re on a budget, a smart Chronograph such as this one is a great watch to wear for the more formal occasions too, such as black tie weddings, ceremonies and exuberant dates. Although If you do have the budget, we suggest a more upmarket dress watch as we will cover in watch number 4, as this is a better fit for these types of occasions, especially black tie.

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Sports Dress Watch

Think of the sports dress watch as you would a luxury 4x4 or SUV. A crude analogy, we know, but it works, so we are going to stick with it. Why the comparison? Well, because like a Range Rover a sports watch does everything you could ever need it to, whilst looking incredibly stylish at the same time. It has presence and everyday rugged practicality.

The sports watch gives off an air of sophistication whilst not shouting out that you are trying too hard. We’ve selected two variants for this category because maybe you want the timeless design of the stainless steel bracelet, or the more modern rubber strap.

When not to wear: It’s suggested to wear with moderation with suits, as its large case and rugged look can sometimes overpower the sleekness of a suit.

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Dress Watch 

Luxury Dress Watch - Modern Man Outfitters


Is it possible to feel more dapper and gentile than when you adorn a crisp tuxedo with a bow tie? Queue the Great Gatsby champagne meme right? Well we’re here to say yes you can, gentlemen. Don’t go pairing your one-off tuxedo with that banged up old Casio digital watch, whatever would Bond say?

The Dress Watch is a modern man’s ultimate partner in crime to maximise your look and your confidence. It’s the ideal investment for special occasions as weddings, the opera or even a corporate awards banquet. Its sleek classical design really sets off any man’s wrist and is sure to draw plenty of attention from the opposite sex. Such a watch nowadays will rarely see the light of day, but when it does, you won’t for a second regret the investment.



So there we have it, a post addressing the four watches you should buy and own in 2019 to have a well rounded collection. What do you think about our list? What’s your favourite?

Please feel free to share the blog post with your fellow dapper chaps, and we’d also love to hear from you in the comments below!

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