The Five Accessories To Wear With A Blue Suit - A Modern Man's Guide

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This week we're going to be discussing our top five accessories to wear with your favorite blue suit. The perfect guide for dressing for either those formal or casual occasions.

First and foremost, the blue suit, it should be a staple for every modern man’s wardrobe, because of its versatility. Don't believe us? Check out the great article published by Real Men Real Style on how to wear a blue suit for five different occasions! Use the link: Five Looks For A Navy Suit

However, the versatility of a blue suit is defined by two things, 1.) The accessories you pair it with and 2.) The clothes you wear it with. So being a modern man’s accessories store, we’ve got everything you need to achieve the style befitting of each occasion.

A Pocket Square 

Now you already know our love for the age old favorite from our previous blog post on: The Top 10 Men’s Accessories You Should Buy In 2017, or [Watch the video here]. So when it comes to dressing it with a blue suit, we have two recommendations depending on what occasion you’re dressing for. 

For Business / Formal:

We suggest a more low-key, less flamboyant pocket square that simply compliments your outfit as opposed to what we suggest for more informal occasions. 


For Informal/ Casual:

We suggest perhaps something a bit more extravagant and ‘loud’. Why you ask? Because when you don't wear a tie, the pocket square becomes more of the outfits signature piece, so make it as such. Using it in this way also allows you to add some personality to your outfit as a modern man.

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A Well Coordinated Belt

 A belt can make or break an outfit. But as with before, it depends on what occasion you’re wearing it for. Its good to know also, unless you are wearing braces/suspenders, when you tuck your shirt in - wear a belt.


For Business / Formal:

We recommend a dark leather brown belt, pairing this with some dark brown brogues and you cannot lose. This pairing is both understated and elegant, and really adds some depth to the outfit as a whole. 

 Modern Man Outfitters - Dark Brown Leather Belt

For Informal/ Casual:

We recommend something that stands out a bit more, and is of a ‘softer’ texture to look at rather than a traditional business belt. A suede leather belt is the perfect match for a crisp polo shirt. Its also a great way to give a summer feel to a casual blue suited outfit.

 Suede Leather Belt - Modern Man Outfitters Mens Accessories

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A Modern Man’s Watch

Again we are going to take the smart / casual approach here. Watches should be thought of as a signature piece for the modern man, and should be worn with that in mind. Regardless of how big your watch collection is, its important to have a watch for style and special occasions, and also a watch for everyday use to.

Formal / Business:

Every man needs a watch that is subtle yet eye-catching. With a good watch a modern man will appear more put together and certainly more professional and mature in those critical meetings or even dates - sadly that Mickey Mouse watch wont cut it anymore chaps.

 Mens Brown Leather Watch - Modern Man Outfitters Men's Accessories 

Informal / Casual:

Our new Minimalist watch range takes cues from the great watch renaissance at the moment - for simple yet elegant timepieces. We love the Chronos watch, because it can be incorporated not just with a blue suit, but with everyday outfits to. It truly is a watch to be proud to wear everyday.

Minimalist Watch - Modern Man Outfitters Men's Accessories

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A Blue Checked Tie

A soft textured tie such as this really builds a deeper depth of blue into the outfit. With this particular ‘washed - out’ blue the tie makes the perfect pairing for both smart occasions and for those of a more casual nature.  

Men's Blue Check Tie - Modern Man Outfitters Men's Accessories

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A Casual Bracelet

When you wear a minimalistic watch as we have suggested, by pairing it with a smart bracelet such as this, it elevates your wrists style as a whole. It also further adds to the whole casual look and feel of the outfit.

Mens Luxury Bracelet - Modern Man Outfitters Men's Accessories

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So there we have it, a post addressing our top 5 men’s accessories to wear and pair with blue suits for smart or everyday casual occasions. A blue suit truly is a special item for a modern man to own. Why? As generally, less style-concerned men wear black and dark grey suits, so by choosing blue it automatically shows you are more confident and experimental in your style.

What do you think to our list, is there anything you would add / or anything you wouldn't have? Please share the list with your fellow stylish gents, and we’d also love to hear from you in the comments bellow

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