The Modern Man's Guide to a Healthier Commute

Welcome to yet another blog by Modern Man Outfitters. In this post, we’ll be discussing something most modern men can relate to - the daily commute. We wanted to talk about it because few others have, and for you and most others, its a large part of your daily life. Commuting to and from work can be two things; a real energy sapping period of time, or with some effort, something more positive. We’ve set about this blog post to cover the things to do to keep you on top of your game each day.

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So why has MMO done a health related blog post instead of just a purely style and fashion related post. Well the MMO journal isn't just a fashion guide for the modern man, its wide open to everything that will make you a more complete and successful modern man. Whats the point in boosting your confidence and your character with the right style and accessories if the remaining 50%, aka your body, just feels average. So hack your way to being a more complete modern man with us.

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A Modern Man’s Guide to Healthy Productive Commuting

So the commute, a period of time undertaken in order to get to and from work. Ever the nuisance on your good days, and shear agony on your worst. Did you know on average in the UK over the course of your life, you’ll spend an entire year (10,632 hours) commuting - scary right []. Whats even more scary is as of 2016 one in seven people are now commuting for two hours or more each day, when compared with five years ago, thats a 33% increase [TheGuardian]. So its proven we’re commuting further than ever before, but what effect will that have on your physical and mental well-being?

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The 3 Impacts of Unhealthy Commuting

1.) Fatigue

its 8:10am you've been up 45 minutes already and the double espresso you crushed before leaving the house simply isn't cutting it. Why did I say “oh go-on” to one more episode in last nights Netflix marathon. Trust us a few days of this and fatigue will soon set in. Fatigue is a nasty thing, it will make you more impatient, less productive and sap your positivity to, just what you don't need as a modern man.

2.) Muscle and joint pain

You’re the last one to board and all the seats are gone, or maybe the subway is packed like a sardine can anyway. Having a bad seated posture or simply awkwardly  contorting your body away from the odious B.O. of a fellow commuter really will have an impact. Do this most days of the week and joints and muscles will tighten along with your poor posture  possibly causing: digestive issues, poor breathing and even stress headaches
Want to read more? Here's a great article from See here for more information, and a video on how to fix your posture as a modern man

3.) Stress

You were so un-productive yesterday from all of that fatigue, that darn project for Friday is already running behind. So, you best spend your commute catching up. We’ve all been there, working off the clock to keep up performance and the approval of your hard dealing boss isn't pleasant. But forcing yourself to work whilst your still waking-up or worse, after a long day, can really drain you mentally. Doing this more than once a week can lead to added stress and anxiety in the long term.



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The 5 Ways to Commute More Healthily

So as a modern man, what can you do about this? heres our top 5 best practises you should adopt each day:

 1.) Start As You Mean To Go On: Goals & Target


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Set your goals and targets for today. Its also a good idea to reflect on what went well yesterday and what could be improved upon today. With time, work towards doing this for both your personal and professional life. Keep a record of it and commit to doing it each morning. In doing so you’ll learn to ‘check-in’ with yourself and your progress everyday. 

 2.) Learn Something New: Books, Podcasts and Online Courses


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As adults all too many of us don't devote enough time towards learning new skills or growing existing knowledge. You should look at your commute as valuable time, as opposed to just something you have to do. Do this step, and prepare to succeed as a modern man. Don't believe us? Just think, if you had an hour commute twice a day, assuming normal holiday leave and sickness, that could be approximately 450 hours a year to learn or grow towards your life's ambition. Now ask yourself, how many course hours did you have each term at university to learn your modules, not that many we’re guessing.

Choose something that: inspires you, something that will enable you to grow or even become more well rounded. Want to start a business one day; learn marketing, learn strategies, and learn markets etc - thats what we did, and thats what we still do.

Read, read, read chaps. 

 3.) Keep Up Blood Circulation: Don’t be immobile


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 We’ve all been on long haul flights with a safety video that tells you to rotate your feet and shoulders to encourage circulation. Doesn’t it just feel like its your mum telling you what to do? Frustrating right, we’re modern men, we know what is best thank you very much. Urgh, sadly though, ‘mum’ is always right, especially in this instance. Sitting for long periods of time especially when done with poor posture can really be bad for your body. So its definitely important to carry out some of these simple and thankfully discreet exercises as outlined here brilliantly by: Quantas Airlines, Click here 

3.) Coffee, Drink it Right: Who Knew We Were Drinking it at the Wrong time


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We were surprise to learn this earlier in the week when researching for this blog post. But since learning this interesting fact, we can safely report, the MMO office is much less sleepy in the morning. How you might ask - we now don't drink coffee until after 9:30 am, and here is why you shouldn’t either.

Its all down to your bodies natural clock, or more technically, your circadian rhythm. This circadian rhythm determines many body functions throughout the day included when we are at our most sluggish or alert. Alertness (or when your body is most naturally awake) is stimulated through the bodies release of the hormone cortisol. We are at our most awake during the peak cortisol release times of 8-9am, 12-1pm and again at 5:30pm-6:30pm. However pairing these peak times with caffeine, aka your morning commute’s steaming cappuccino, has been proven to be disadvantage as your body builds up more of a tolerance, thus requiring you to drink more of it, more often.

Instead, drink your first cup of coffee between 9:30am and 11:00 to ensure you can maintain maximum energy levels throughout the day. What does this mean for you then? It means saving time and money in the morning. Yes your favourite coffee vender will miss you, but his or her business will be just fine without you. You may struggle for a couple of days, but your body will thank you in the long run.


 5.) Snack & Drink Right: Don’t kill your healthy eating habits


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Something often over-looked and under appreciated by men the world over, is what they put into their bodies. Snacking and drinking the wrong sorts of calories at various points of the day can hamper your healthy habits, and lead to you guessed it, fatigued, sugar addiction and weight gain. Now nobody is perfect, and an ‘every once in a while’ mentality is absolutely fine, don’t sweat it.

However eating a poor breakfast, and a weak lunch will lead to you reaching out for emergency food to compensate. So on a daily basis show some effort toward what your eat, both during the commute and the major meals either side of it:

Breakfast: Eat a good quality protein-packed breakfast to power you up (a high protein breakfast is also another great way to wake your body up without needing as much caffeine to).

Lunch: For lunch, go for something nutritionally balanced with some good complex carbohydrates, veg and again protein, doing this will keep you fuller for longer.

Snacking: Opt for healthy low carbohydrate and low sugar options, such as protein bars or quality cereal bars or nuts. For something sweater, opt for fruits or berries. In the morning its also a great idea to reach for some lemon infused water to gain the benefits of; better digestion, better skin, an a stronger immune system also.

Want more healthy eating information for commuters:

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A Modern Man’s Guide To The Top 10 Commuting Accessories You Need Everyday

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So there we have it our top five things the modern man needs to do each day to commute better. Commuting in better health is only 50% of the story though. A modern man needs to also ensure he has the right accessories to make his commute as easy and stylish as possible. Heres Modern Man Outfitters list of the products you need this year to commute better.  

1.) A Work bag To be Proud of

luxury leather work bag - modern man outfittersA commuting modern man needs a work bag that has everything he needs in all the right pockets, because theres nothing worse than trying to find something whilst being exhausted. A proper work bag should also afford some true style to, so turn some heads with one of MMO’s luxury work bags now.

2.) A Gym Bag:

luxury canvas duffle bag - modern man outfittersIf you hit the gym before work, or even after it, make sure you have the right bag to carry all the essentials. The canvas duffle bag is both luxurious a whole step up from the cheap plastic sports bags of your youth. Hit the gym like a modern man with MMO’s luxury range of duffle bags. 

3.) A Proper Watch

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An organised modern man is a man with a proper watch on his wrist. Why not enjoy every time you nervously check your watch debating whether you’ll make it on time. Shop MMO’s luxury watches collection now.

4.) A Proper Scarf

luxury men's scarf - modern man outfitters

The UK’s weather is an experience, lets leave it at that shall we. So never be caught out by blowing winds or that morning frost again with a luxury and stylish scarf. Shop our scarf collection now.

5.) The Head phone clip

ear phone smart clip - modern man outfitters

Fed up of the daily struggles of tangled headphones? Aren't they just seemingly impossible to untangle without losing your nerve? Why not make it easier for yourself to tackle that morning commute? The Smart cable organiser from MMO is the perfect way to store your head phones to avoid all of that frustration. Also with its magnetic smart clip, you can thread the cable and securely attach them to your shirt, coat or bag strap to for better on the move listening.

6.) The iPhone Sleeve

Apple Iphone sleeve / case - modern man outfitters

Your phone goes everywhere, and these days, pretty much does everything. You spend copious amounts of your hard earned cash on the latest and greatest phone, and so should you spend a fair amount on a protective and stylish case also? With MMO’s smart quick pull sleeve, you have instant access to your phone when you need it, whilst also enabling the best protection and style for it when you aren't face deep in MMO’s Instagram page.

7.) Credit Card Wallet 

credit card wallet - modern man outfittersWe’ve said it before, old leather wallets certainly in our case somehow only collected copious amounts of useless receipts. Why not upgrade your wallet to a smaller credit card wallet with the space for your cards, tube pass, ID, and some cash - do you need much more?

8.) Keychain

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Your keys go everywhere with you, and its vital you don't lose them either. So take pride in your keys, unwind that cheap plastic ‘I serviced my car at - insert name of corny tyre shop - tag, and replace it with a keychain that is special. Being a modern man after all is all in the little details.

9.) Luxury Power Bank

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Don't get caught out again on that lengthy commute each morning, maybe your an avid youtube watcher, or maybe you listen to endless amounts of podcast like us, don't let that give you battery anxiety.  When it comes to your phone, theres nothing worse than the dreaded low battery - switch to power saving mode is there? Spend a little, to watch a lot on those lengthy commutes with one MMO’s luxury power banks. It’s the perfect size to fit neatly in your luxury work bag, or even in your hand to be carried on the go - Shop now.

10.) Coffee Cup

viking coffee travel mug - modern man outfitters

Now we know what we said earlier in this blog post, but lets face it, some of you will take our advice to heart, whilst others wont. Thats ok, but if you’re going to drink coffee, drink it in style.

With the Viking coffee horn from MMO, coffee with never be the same again.

“Omg do you remember that guy I told you about who carried the coffee cup in the shape of a horn, he just texted me! Thats right, thats what that cute girl is going to be telling her friends [insert appropriate amount of days] after you said hey - coffee cup in hand. Let your inner viking out each day with MMO’s coffee range, shop now.  

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So there we have it, a post addressing the how to commute better as a modern man, both in your health and well being, as well as the essential men's accessories you need each day.

What do you think to our post and its lists, is there anything you would add? Please share the list with your fellow stylish gents, and we’d also love to hear from you in the comments bellow.

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