The Vintage Bow Tie: Why every Man Should Have One


We thought what better way to start the week off, than with a fresh blog post for you gents. As you may already know, earlier in 2017 we put together our Top 10 men’s accessories to buy in 2017, and we thought we'd continue our countdown today. Last month we covered the distinguished Weekender Duffle Bag which still continues to prove very popular amongst our customers so be sure to check it out. With summer now in full swing, your diaries will likely be full of summer events and plans with mates, so dress to impress with one of our summer favourites - the vintage bow tie.

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The vintage bow tie

So, the bow tie, an age old item of the traditional, distinguished gentlemen’s wardrobe. From Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, to its many occurrences within Bond movies, the bow tie truly epitomises men’s style. However since its introduction in the 1880’s, the bow tie has really transcended style and become a staple of the modern man's wardrobe as well. In the modern instance we're also pleased to say it has been re-appropriated for many occasions other than its original sartorial purpose - the tuxedo. So as we move into summer, now's the time to get yourself a vintage bow tie to pair with some of this blog posts suggested outfits. 

This particular grey vintage woollen bow tie is made of a thickly patterned woollen material that really is pleasant to the touch. Furthermore you'll find with this texture, it'll really add some depth to your outfit. This particular bow tie also really harks back to the days of old, and its continuing to be one of our more popular bow ties here at Modern Man Outfitters. In terms of wear-ability, don't worry about tying it, it's pre-tied with easy adjusters on the back to suit any neck size.

When & What Outfit - MMO Advice

Grey is naturally a neutral colour and will thus work well across a wide range of colour combinations. Such examples include; blue, navy blue, black, brown, grey even dark reds. Remember such an item becomes more and more of a feature piece the bolder the colour you chose.

It is also worth knowing a bow tie of this look and texture will work really well when combined with a tweed jacket / waist coat combination - as they play off of a vintage theme.

 Its perfect for weddings, work parties, horse racing events, vintage themed events, first dates, and even daily use.

The one bow tie - three day lookbook 

One of the reasons we wanted to do a special feature on our vintage bow tie was down to deflating any remaining stigma of wearing bow ties more often. The wearing of bow ties has grown massively over the last decade, with many modern man choosing to wear them on a regular basis. We wanted to put together three looks which we know will work extremely well with this bow tie. The three looks cover three very different occasions and dress types: Work, drinks out, and perusing around town. 

For the third look "Street style' - we're also proud to of worked with the ever dapper - stileeleganteman who curates a very impressive instagram feed as well. He put together a fantastic street styled look for us, that incorporated our vintage bow tie, vintage pocket square with some casual sneakers. It really is the prefect dapper outfit to casually explore London in. 

the ultimate casual friday look with a bow tie - Modern Man Outfitters

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Smart Saturdays dress-up drinks - Modern Man Outfitters 

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Vintage bow tie
Black leather belt
Grey vintage pocket square
Black chronograph watch
Black credit card wallet 

Sundays Street style with a bow tie - Modern Man Outfitters

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Here's our collaborations with @Stileeleganteman . Be sure to follow his incredible Instagram using the handle above, and also checkout his growing blog  - click here

Closing thoughts

So there we have it, a post addressing the ease at which you can introduce the vintage bow tie into your ever week wardrobe. We feel you as a modern man should champion the bow tie look, as it will set you heads and shoulders above the regular dressing gents out there.
What do you think to our blog post, please feel free to share with your fellow dapper chaps, and we’d also love to hear from you in the comments bellow!

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