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Whether you graduated university five years ago, or maybe you graduate soon, there’s never been a better time to buy a proper weekender duffle bag. Why, because of what it can do for you. We know that that is a strange concept but stick with us here.

A proper weekender duffle bag is more than just ‘a bag’ its your ticket to getting out there and making those memories - in style. We often say your style should be seen as an investment  because it goes along way to the confidence you have and the impression you make. So coming back to weekender bags, don’t think - I need a bag for a trip next month, think what would I want to take with me on holidays, road trips, weekend escapes and even the gym for the next 5 - 10 years. When you take a longer view of your style, you suddenly realise you should indeed spend a bit more on something that you love and something that matches your needs. Don’t just go out and buy the cheapest and easiest to find product, because we guarantee it’ll only ever ‘tick a box’, as opposed to bringing you that stylish feeling you need as a modern man.


Product Overview

So as for the actual product, this months product of choice - the duffle bag is the first of a ten part series of our top ten men’s accessories to own in 2017 (read the original blog post here). Why have we chosen this one you ask, well summer is just around the corner and the days are finally warmer and filled with longer daylight hours. Its finally time to get out there and explore properly again, and what better way to do so than with a stylish and massively practical bag by your side. Firstly, lets come to terms with a simple question - when did you last buy a travel/duffle bag? Perhaps you haven't bought a bag since high school, or maybe you still have the one from last summers lads on tour holiday that still somehow smells of beer and regrets. It doesn't matter when it was, your here now with at least an interest in MMO’s brilliant weekender duffle bag. heres our three reasons the weekender duffle bag should be at the top of your shopping list.


1.) Style:

Lets say this - just look at it! We don't think the bag could be any more stylish.


We were so excited when we first decided to sell this weekender duffle bag, and we love that over 100 modern men out there have already grabbed themselves one since we opened. The design is simple yet elegant which is why this bag is so popular. The duffles material make up is a luxurious combination of thick woven canvas for the exterior, and a soft cotton/nylon mix fabric for the interior lining. Both added together give rugged style perfect for travel.

The zips throughout the bag are oversized and suitably strong for a bag of this nature. Pocket-wise there are two externally and two sets of pockets on the internal walls. The external pockets, one of which is underneath the carry handles is ideally suited for on the go quick access for phones and wallets. The second external pocket is very cleanly positioned in parallel to the handles strap on the side of the bag, making it good for less important things such as earphones and perhaps small snacks to. The interior is naturally very spacious, with the side wall pockets being a mixture of both zipped and open, which make them great for things that you don't want lost amongst the many clothes. The bag can be both carried by the fashionable grab handles, or it comes included with a robust shoulder carry strap.


Overall we think what makes our duffle so unique is when you compare it with whats else is out there on the market. All to often we see duffles adorned with countless pockets, zips, logos, straps and even tassels, which really seem to overcrowd the exterior thus reducing its overall timeless design - not ours. We wanted something that was simple and understated and was gender, class and style neutral to enable you a duffle bag that truly is what point two is about - versatile.


2.) Versatility:

As we stated in point one, with is healthy mixture of pockets it is indeed versatile in the nature of practicality. However what we really mean by versatility here is that the bag is great for many things, dress senses as well as occasions.  We wanted a true weekender bag that every modern man could if he wanted to, on a daily basis. Unlike the astronomically expensive leather weekender duffles out there with their soft, easily scratched leathers, our weekender is different. We are proud to say our duffle is both robust and stylish enough for being stuffed into gym lockers just as much as it is for posh weekends away to a castle in the highlands of Scotland. So what you’re really getting here is two to three different bags all in one. No more need for your sports bag, mini suitcase, and even your backpack - its a one bag fits all and does all, the luxury weekender duffle from MMO.

On a personal experience note, our team has had this particular bag for a period of six months now, and it has already been used on two road trips to Europe, numerous flights, along with the everyday abuse of being hauled to the gym and back - we have to say, its been well proven gentlemen! One of our comments and absolute loves for the duffle bag is certainly to do with how adaptable it is to different outfits. It has never felt out of place when ‘suited and booted’ for meetings in the city, or weekends away to the countryside in quintessential country garb - it really is the perfect bag for a man on a budget who has expensive taste.


3.) Value for money:

Our final point we’d like to make is just how affordable it is. Yes we appreciate its not the everyday no-brainer cost of a coffee, but compared with what else is out there, it really is an affordable investment that every modern man should seriously consider. Investing in such a bag is something you really wouldn't regret. From our own ownerships over the past six months we can all safely say the bags have been a joy to travel with.


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Shop now - mens weekender duffle travel bag - Modern Man Outfitters

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    The design is awesome and the price is fair affordable. I am very excited to buy one duffel bag because I know how much these are very useful during travel and after reading your blog I got more excited to buy it soon. Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

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