Free Gift Collection

Free gift collection Modern Man Outfitters

Thats right with your first purchase we're offering you a gift as a way of saying thank you for shopping with Modern Man Outfitters. The gift collection is full of products we know you'll love, and certainly find a use for. 

How Do I Get My Free Gift?

With your first order add it to your basket alongside the other products you are checking out with. Then simply enter the discount code FREEGIFT10 and you'll get both this product free of charge, plus £5 off of your other product. If you do not want a free gift with your first purchase, instead use the code and get £10 off other products across the store.

If you've already used this discount code, you can still buy something from the free gift collection at any time, for its sales value.

Terms & Conditions

- Only one gift can be added to your order and be used with the discount coupon FREEGIFT10. We will have to refund orders who checkout with only two free products and use the code.