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What Shoe Color Should Be Worn With Blue Trousers?

A great question, what shoe colour should be worn with blue trousers? Trousers of a blue color should really be a staple for the modern man, as they can be both smart and casual depending on the rest of your outfit. As for which shoe color:



What's Difference Between a Single and Double Breasted Suit Jacket?

It was only up to a couple of years ago that double breasted suit jackets were outlawed to being 'dads old suits ill-fitting suits', and the 'cringe worthy' gents of the 60-80's. Thankfully the fashionability of double breasted suit jackets has returned - thanks to the many celebrities who support such pieces today. We love double breasted suits, and believe every Modern Man should have one in his wardrobe. So what is the difference between the two style:
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