Money Back Guarantee

We promise to honor a refund should you not think MMO's products are as great as we think they are. Thats a 100% of your money back. 120% Money back guarantee - Modern Man Outfitters men's accessories store

Here at Modern Man Outfitters we love our products, and we know when you try them, you will to. But lets face it, shopping with an unfamiliar brand can be worrying, and you're right to think that. We've all been in positions where we've thought "What if its a scam, what if I don't get the product, what if they somehow wont refund my money". We want to address those fears, and we feel this policy goes along way to doing this. Check out this policy's T&C's at the bottom of this page gentlemen.

We want to welcome you to MMO, a community of likeminded modern men who are invested in their style, and the confidence it brings them everyday. 

We want you to place your confidence in us today and make a purchase with an up and coming British men's accessories brand. That is why, with this guarantee along with our; 14 day return period and our many other benefits, we feel we can help you feel confident in us. 

Welcome to #MMO, gentlemen. 

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Product or products to be returned in a like-new condition and un-damaged
  2. Within the 14 day's of purchase refund window
  3. You must let us know you want a refund by emailing us at: